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'The black African members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, South Africa have been and are still undergoing a lack of representation in the leadership structures of the Society.'

'A beautiful facility has been acquired to establish the WuSA effort in the Melville area of Johannesburg by ISKCON South Africa. The building requires various items that include furniture and equipment for training people in the science of self realization successfully.'

'There is a current need for providing transportation to students between the WuSA Preaching Center and the university for service and training, as well as a need to transport them for weekend preaching and cultivation trips.'

The DFOC is the largest RathaYatra festival outside of India and has been running for almost forty years to date. As a celebratory festival and preaching initiative costing over R2.5 Million to put together, this yearly pop-up event has failed to diversify and cater for more than its largely Indian audience in an African majority country.

'Due to various reasons and factors, the all inclusive Krishna conscious experience has largely been restricted to specific cultural expressions of the fact, and in so doing; isolating various cultures and communities form having fluid access.'

'Culturally neutral book covers that do not perpetuate and allow for the sectarian consuption and categorization of these materials as largely Hinducentric by the masses to whom we wish to share this knowledge with; must be facilitated for and taken to great consideration for the sake of not isolating the people in favor of Indian communities.'

'Diversification of the ISKCON ZA economic ecosystem is required if the movement is to do effective preaching in disadvantaged African communities. This can be done through educational training and development programs, as well as skills transfer programs in such areas.'

'The zonal power dynamic that is the base infrustructure of the ISKCON presence in Southern Africa, as controlled by the monied few, is set up such that it safeguards Hindu interests, and restricts free movement of the African minority majority to access and collaborate with each other for the benefit of preaching and empowering themselves inclusively.

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